Teamsters Joint Council 7

Contact Us

Main Office

250 Executive Park Blvd., Suite 3100 San Francisco, CA 94134-3392    see map

PHONE (415) 467-7768 --- FAX (415) 467-1022


Executive Board

President -- Rome A. Aloise
Vice President -- Carlos Borba
Secretary-Treasurer -- David Hawley
Recording Secretary -- Mark Gleason

Trustees -- Maria Ashley Alvarado, Peter Finn, Pete Nunez


Office Personnel -- Joan Semeniuk, Eve Miller

Political Director -- Doug Bloch

Political Coordinator -- Veronica Diaz

Newspaper Editor -- Debra Chaplan

Webmaster -- Marc Miyashiro


Cannery and Food Processing Unions

Secretary-Treasurer & Executive Officer -- Maria Ashley Alvarado


Delegates Meetings

The regular delegates' meetings will be held on dates to be announced.
Please watch this space for details!