Local 856

Freight Checkers, Clerical Employees and Helpers

Local 856

Main Office Contact

  • 453 San Mateo Avenue
    San Bruno, CA 94066
  • Phone: (650) 635-0111
  • Phone: (800) 758-TEAM
  • Fax: (650) 635-1632

Other Contact

Membership meetings are held at 6 p.m. on the last Tuesday of the month, except as noted.

Officers & Staff

Secretary-Treasurer: Peter Finn
President: Mike Lagomarsino
Vice President: Rudy Gonzalez
Recording Secretary: Paola Gleeson
Trustees: Mark Gabriel, Judy Rodrigues, Lisa Chin
Business Agents: Richie Andzola, Mike Lagomarsino, Liliana Cortez, Peter Finn, Javier Lectora, Veronica Diaz, Corey Hallman, Matthew Mullany, Juan Escobar, Tim Jenkins, Rod Adams, Jeanette Bradfield   
Communications Coordinator/Organizers: Nicole Casey, Crystal Young
Representative/Organizing Coordinator: Rudy Gonzalez
Staff Attorneys: Susanna Farber, Matt Finnegan, Linda Shipley
Public Policy Coordinator/Representative/Staff Attorney: Malia Vella
Political Director: Trish Blinstrub
Office Personnel
- Membership Coordinators: Denise Healy, Marta Pacheco
- Bookkeeper: May Plata
Health & Welfare Coordinator: Crystal Thompson
Office Manager: Lisa Hensel