Joint Council 7 TEAMSTER

Volume 61, Number 1
February / March / April 2016

Photo of Taylor Farms workers saluting and holding signs reading 'Justicia!'

Supporting workers’ at Taylor Farms

In March, 2014, the workers at a Taylor Farms’ food processing unit in Tracy voted on having union representation. However, the election was so fraught with irregularities that the National Labor Relations Board confiscated the ballots. Twenty months later, in December, 2015, the Board determined that the company had committed so many unfair labor practices, a fair election was unlikely to be possible. They issued a bargaining order, meaning that Taylor Farms had to bargain with Teamsters Local 601.

Unfortunately, initial talks have not gone well. “If the company does not start working with us to resolve the issues, this fight will begin soon,” says Joint Council 7 President Rome Aloise. “We will do all we can for the Taylor Farms workers at the bargaining table, but we can only win with support from all of our members.”